STEP#1 Print out the map of your delivery  Location from your letter
John Deere Maintenance  4:00PM 
Warbird 4:30PM 7/18
Ultralight Camping  
Sleepy Hollow Farm 5:00PM 
Camp Scholler 6:30
Relleumtdats/Stadtmueller Campground
Taylor's Campground 
 coordinate with joan taylor 231-6938  
Main Exhibitor #1 to #471 4:00PM 
North Exhibitor #600 to #943 4:00pm
Ultra Light Display Area  
Fly Mart Display Area #700-804  

Getting Ready for the Event is as Easy as 1-2-3!
Low Risk
The Money
The Agreement
Sign Up 
Delivery Updates
Resources & Repair
Campground Deal
For Sale

What to have in my camper (furnishings Checklist)
Prepare your camper checklist
Microsoft Word users Create a user's guide for my renter
 (template) edit to make your own
Map of the EAA Airventure Grounds  
This Page Will Be Used To Provide Our Owners With Updated Information and Revisions
To The Delivery Schedule. Check this page on delivery day 
RTF FILE Plain Text. Create a user's guide for my renter 
(template) edit to make your own
Can't download the maps Install free Adobe Reader
STEP#2 Use these checklist to prepare your camper
STEP#3 Use one of these templates to write an instruction manual on how to use your camper and leave it for your renter
Where can we dump & flush our holding tanks
REMEMBER! our renters are our guests. Our guests are on their vacation and for some this is a once in a lifetime experiance.  We have to do our part to make sure the experiance is a good one. We count on you to make sure your camper is ready.  If your camper is not ready, will have to make every effort to correct issues.  We have no choice but  to dock your commission for  issues that could have been prevented.