Will need you to sign a brokerage agreement with us prior to us listing your camper available for rent to our customers. The agreement is a written document that will spell out word for word what is expected from you and what you should expect from us. The agreement will spell out the following:

(920) 447-8147 eventrv@eventrv.com
EAA Airventure Participation dates are July 21 thru July 31st
IRS Form W-9
What to have in my camper
Camper prep check list
New owner application
I would like to participate, however, my camper is for sale. How do I proceed?

Scenario 1: Selling not buying a new one (not sure if it will sell) You can still sign the agreement and we can get your camper rented for the event. If you sell the camper you will have to sell your contract along with the camper. The new owner gets the leaseback commission. They must assume the terms of the agreement. Get us involved in the transaction as we will terminate your agreement and have the new owners sign the replacement agreement. You will also receive a $50 referral commission. Some times we can excuse the agreement altogether if your camper has not been rented yet or if we have a comparable unit for replacement. The commission revenue should help you sell your camper. Tell the prospect about your experience

Scenario 2: Upgrade buying a new camper: your new camper will be nicer/newer/bigger/fancier. It is likely that your new camper would bring you more EAA commission. We are uncertain about the timing of the sale of the old camper  We are not sure if  the new camper transaction will be completed by EAA. Therefore, you agree to the commission as agreed on your current camper. If the upgrade occurs you forego the increase in commission for this year. Your renter gets a free upgrade. In some instances we will have a comparable unit to flip them over to and get you more commission. We will make every effort to help you capitalize on the situation.

Scenario 3: Camper downgrade: In this scenario we have you sign the agreement with the understanding that your larger camper may not be available at the time of the Air Show. We charge accordingly for the downgraded camper. If the current camper sells the renter gets exactly what they paid for. If you have not downgraded by the event the renter gets the free upgrade at no extra expense to them.